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Updated: April 2, 2014

Welcome To My "Lifestyle Practical Therapy" Web Site


Ms. HerediaWhat I have to offer you is a chance to change your lifestyle.  I do this by offering multiple practical therapies in addition to offering an integrative approach using the power of suggestion through Hypnosis with a desire to help you.

At The Therapy Center, I work with you to discover and correct the underlying causes of your problems.  Once we identify them, I'll recommend certain clinical options which include one or more of the therapies designed for an overall wellness lifestyle program.

Explore the various sections of the web site where I will go into more depth for the services I offer. Then, if you have questions after reading the topics within this site, please email me at or call me at 616.222.6070 at my office. I will gladly answer your questions or you can set up an appointment where we can review your situation.


The Site Map Index provides quick access to the services which I have in my Practice. The web site general pages are listed at the top and to the left.  Or, you can connect through the links below.

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Ms. Heredia
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