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Do You Keep Doing The Same-O Same-O?  Want Different Results?
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The Therapy Center

Patti Heredia, Life Coach and Hypnotherapist
Have you ever asked yourself, "Why isn't (fill in the blank) the way I want it to be?" Then thoughts run through your mind: "Why not or I don't know?" These thoughts are holding you back from your success!

Get the tools you need to be successful and get results in your personal development.

Now you can learn how to achieve your goals in this 8 Week Virtual Audio Class.

Learn how to set realistic goals, remove negative belief patterns that have sabotaged you in the past, and move forward creating lasting results and living your dreams.
In this 8 Week Virtual Class you will learn:
  • How emotional beliefs prevent you from manifesting results - learn what they are, why they exist, which ones could be sabotaging you and exactly how to clear them
  • What are the habits of thought that keep you stuck and how our early childhood programming preprograms us to limitation - and permanently change them
  • About the mind-set that allows success and results - it's a mind shift away - why you're good at creating results in some parts of your life, but not in others
  • The step by step process for turning thoughts to things and how to track your results to build confidence
  • How to customize the techniques for your own unique situation
Class Details:
  • Class is every Monday from 9-21-15 through 11-9-15, 7-9 pm EST.
  • Class is a Virtual Audio conference call and will be recorded.  The call back number for the recording will be sent to each participant - attendees are encouraged to participate in the live class as much as possible.
  • Each class will end with a Hypnotherapy session.
  • Every participant will receive two hours of private coaching separate from the class schedule.  The dates and times will be scheduled with each person.
  • Special group rates are being made available for this class only.  The purchase of each service individually over the eight weeks would be a value of $3358.  By taking the group class, you can receive the discounted rates.

It has been scientifically shown that you can have seven conscious thoughts per second at the most, but the subconscious mind can access and process millions of thoughts per second, along with an override of the conscious mind without you even knowing it.  

The override happens through your emotions of fear, doubt, worry, anxiety, anger, sadness, grief, and blame... that will stop you dead in your tracks if not take you backwards.
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In this interactive class, we will use specific techniques that will target the negative beliefs that once sabotaged you and give you the tools to move forward to achieve lasting results.

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Patti Heredia, The Therapy Center


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At The Therapy Center, I work with you to discover and correct the underlying causes of your problems. Once we identify them, I'll recommend certain clinical options which include one or more of the therapies designed for an overall wellness lifestyle program.