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Anti-Aging Skin & Brain Health

Revolutionary, Patented, Exclusive

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Colonics / Detoxification

Safe, gentle and using no chemicals or drugs.

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Wealth Consciousness Retreat on Lake Michigan

Join Nancy Despres and Patti Heredia for a live 2 1/2 day weekend retreat. This is a full moon, consciousness raising, archetype activating, destiny planning and soul mapping weekend.

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Anti-Aging Skin Care

Revolutionary, Patented, Exclusive

Patented ingredients, harvested from nature with proven anti-oxidants, peptides, plant extracts and vitamins, to craft products that target multiple signs of aging.

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Hypnotherapy, or trance work, is a group of techniques that allow practitioners and clients/patients to take advantage of the mind-body connection to foster healing in all aspects of life. I show you how to achieve your goals and dreams by combining highly qualified skills and techniques with the subconscious release technique that has taken hypnosis to a new level.

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Virtual Gastric Band

The Virtual Gastric Band/Sleeve Hypnotherapy is a remarkable weight loss program, and one which has been pioneered in the UK.

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Colon Hydrotherapy

Colon hydrotherapy is a safe, gentle infusion of warm filtered water into the rectum using no chemicals or drugs.

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What People
Are Saying

I have had insomnia for many years but the problem has escalated in recent months with me either being unable to sleep at all or only for a few hours. My wife suggested trying a hypnotherapist and we found Patti on the internet.

From my original first half hour free consultation I found her very easy to talk to. I had four sessions with Patti when she soon made me realize that the insomnia was coming from my place of work over ten years ago. During these sessions she made me feel very relaxed and I always felt in control of the situation. After the fourth session I was told that things would be better now and I can honestly say that the results have been amazing.

I now no longer worry about going to bed and I sleep really well. I can't thank Patti enough and would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone else."

~ Jack's Story