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Change your mind, change your life
Use hypnosis to break old barriers and achieve new levels of success
Colon Hydrotherapy
Feel lighter, healthier, and more energetic
Quit Smoking Once & For All
Now you can kick the habit and desire to smoke
Lose Weight & Keep it Off
Lose weight and curb the desire to eat foods that don't support your health
Relax & Revive
Theraputic massage therapy services
At The Therapy Center, I work with you to discover and correct the underlying causes of your problems. Once we identify them, I'll recommend certain clinical options which include one or more of the therapies designed for an overall wellness lifestyle program.

  • hypnotherapy & hypnosis
  • colonics & colon hydrotherapy
  • massage
  • detox
  • alternative health

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Patricia Heredia

What I have to offer you is a chance to change your lifestyle. I do this by offering multiple practical therapies. In addition, I offer an integrative approach to cognitive behavior modification by using the power of suggestion through Hypnosis. I show you and teach you how you can change yourself.

Our History
Change your mind, Change your life

Lifestyle engineering is all about the way you think and the belifes you hold. Sometimes we have learned false believes that lead us to act in ways that fight against our goals and achieving what we really want out of life. That's where I come in with lifestyle engineering and hypnotherpay.

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